Nov 3, 2023 ; Bangkok


At The Most

Sustainable Venue
in Town

Learning at the Most Sustainable Venue in Town

Invite everyone to join in discussions and exchange of ideas with Marc Buckly, Jenny Andersson, Sandra Pina, and Dr. Sirikul Laokaikul, the expert team specializing in Regenerative concepts which will offer you insights and inspiration. We will bring you to explore why “Sustainability is not enough.” 

Beyond the core concepts presented, we are also pleased to introduce Cecile Delettre and Claire Chabrieres who will share their  accomplishments from both Thailand and France.

All ideas will be thoroughly talked about and deeply questioned through the younger generation representatives ;  Sirikhanate Sakulyong, Piraya Wipusanawan and Nanon Kanjanacharee , who will serve as representatives for addressing a multitude of queries from practitioners.

Afternoon, SB Thailand would like to invite everyone to participate in Breakout Sessions, where we have gathered experts from various fields all in one place. This will allow everyone to engage in discussions, ask questions, and explore the mechanic to genuinely implement Regenerative practices.

Moreover, everyone will have the pleasure in the Sustainable Market and Por Laew Dee Market (Sufficiency Market) which will demonstrate that the concept of sustainability is not far-fetched. We can learn and adapt it for ourselves, our families, communities, organizations, or even at the global level.

The event concludes with The Regenerative Food Cocktail Reception, featuring renowned Thai chefs from the Iron Chef TV Show which participants will enjoy delicious food and learn about the integration of Spanish and Thai cuisine under the concept of Regeneration.


08.30-09.00: Registration & Networking 

09.00-09.15: Welcome Remarks by KoAnn Vikoren Skrzyniarz (Founder and CEO  of Sustainable Brands Worldwide), Sandra Pina (Country Director, SB Spain) and Dr. Sirikul Laukaikul (Country Director, SB Thailand)

09.15-09.55:   Marc Buckley: The Regenerative Food System: Food That Saves the Future

09.55-10.35:   Jenny Andersson: The Regenerative Future; The Power of Place

10.35-10.50:   The Regenerative B R E A K

10.50-11.30:   Sandra Pina & Dr. Sirikul Laukaikul: Role of The Regenerative Brands

11.30-12.00:   Cecile Delettre Founder International au Feminin, Facilitator Climate Fresk Thailand and Claire Chabrieres Founder Shiok Farm 

– BCorp company: The Regenerative Practices from France and Thailand 

12.00-12.40:   Piraya Wipusanawan/ Nanon Karnjanachari / Kalika Sarasin 

I have questions for Marc Buckley & Jenny Andersson                    

12.40-13.30:  The Regenerative Spanish + Thai L U N C H

13.30-15.30:  4 Breakout Sessions

  • Regenerative Food What to do in Thailand by Marc Buckley
  • The Regenerative Place Potential of Thailand by Jenny Andersson
  • Regenerative Brands: How to Make it Happen by Dr. Sirikul & Sandra
  • The Regenerative THAI: What to Show the World by Dr. Akkarawit Kanchana-opas

15.30-16.00:  B  R  E  A  K

Alisara Sivayathorn: Who Made Your Regenerative Foods

16.00-17.00:  Presentation and Next Steps for Brands

17.00-17.30:  Closing in Bangkok. Briefing for Chanthaburi


Nov 4, 2023 ; CHANTHABURI


The (Never) Lost Recipes Dinner

Enjoy a delightful dinner under the concept of reviving the recipe for Chanthaburi cuisine. This special dinner brings the idea of “Herb – Heritage – Hope,” showcasing the diverse values of Chanthaburi in line with the Regenerative concept.

Hear how Regenerative Food and Restore the Future in action

Meet the Chanthaburi old gen who owns the legacy

Meet the new chefs who learnt from the past, and ready to protect the future


17.30-18.00: Networking and Learning about “Herbs- Heritage-Hope”—The Regenerative Foods of Chanthaburi

18.00-20.00: Herbs- Heritage-Hope, The (Never) Lost Recipes Dinner 

  • Hear how Regenerative Food and Restore the Future in action
  • Meet the Chanthaburi old gen who owns the legacy
  • Meet the new chefs who learnt from the past, and ready to protect the future.

20.00-20.15: Closing. Briefing for Tomorrow’s Workshops

Nov 5, 2023; CHANTHABURI

Farm Trip

Regenerative Farm Trip

Join us for workshops in two topics of your interest, which are: The Regenerative Food and The Regenerative Placemaking.

Learn how to apply the Regenerative concept in agriculture and food systems, as well as in revitalizing cities. It’s not just about tourism but reviving the true life and charm of Chanthaburi. 

The learning will be through the stories of Chanthaburi’s primary ingredients: Peppers and Cardamon which are economic plants, socially valuable, and environmentally significant, also have an interesting aspect of Thai history. However, these two crucial plants are currently fading away.

Let’s find answers with the people of Chanthaburi on how to revive their value through Peppers and Cardamon.

For this workshop, we’ll be traveling with Marc Buckley and Jenny Andersson to learn and explore the ways of Regenerative Food and a Regenerative Future. Both of them will lead the workshop process by themselves.


09.00–12.00:  at Sutee Organic Farm

13.00-16.30: at Blue Rabbit Hotel


 08.00-08.45: Travel to The Regenerative Farm: Sutee Organic Farm

08.45-09.45: Welcome to the farm by Sutee Preechawut and Dr. Sirikul Laukaikul, Country Director-SB Thailand

09.45-10.45: Marc Buckley: The Regenerative Food System in Practice

10.45-11.30: Jenny Andersson: The Regenerative Placemaking in Practice

11.30-12.30: The Local Organic Lunch @ Sutee Organic Farm

12.30-13.15: Travel Back to Blue Rabbit Hotel for the 2 Regenerative Workshops


  1. Chanthaburi Regenerative Food System Workshop by Marc Buckley
  2. The Regenerative Chanthaburi Workshop by Jenny Andersson 

15.30-16.30: Next Actions for The Regenerative Cultures

16.30 -20.00: CLOSING and BACK to BANGKOK

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Chanthaburi ; Regenerative Farm Trip

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