After the Covid-19 situation, many have realized that working on sustainability is not enough. It’s time to evolve to the concept of “Regenerative,” which is becoming increasingly prevalent and seen as more important than before.

SB Thailand has started to incorporate the “Regenerative” concept into core revenue-generating businesses for Thailand, such as the “food business.” This sector is significant and can be considered the backbone of the country’s economy. We aim to delve deep into communities to revive the value of certain things that are diminishing, ensuring they regain their worth.

It’s not just about extending the lifespan of resources but restoring valuable systems for a better future. This has led to discussions and this event titled “Regenerative Food, Regenerative Future”

Learning, Dining and Visiting

SB 2023 is a collaboration between Thailand and Spain focusing on the theme “Regenerative Food, Regenerative Future”. This collaboration is filled with activities that introduce the concept of “Regenerative” through Thai agriculture and food. 

We invite everyone to join in, discuss, and talk about the possibilities, potentials, and actions that should be taken under the path and direction of the Regenerative idea approach. The event takes place from November 3-5, 2023

November 3, 2023

Bangkok: Learning at The Most Sustainable Venue in Town
Listen, discuss, and exchange ideas with practitioners Marc Buckly, Jenny Andersson, Sandra Pina, and Dr. Sirikul Laokaikul, experts in the field of Regenerative concepts and creation. Furthermore, enjoy the “Sustainable Market” where products are selected based on Regenerative concepts.

November 4, 2023

Chanthaburi: Regenerative Dinner
Indulge in a special dinner named “Herb – Heritage – Hope”, a unique blend reflecting the diverse values of Chanthaburi. The menu is intentionally designed to represent the Regenerative concept.

November 5, 2023

Chanthaburi: Regenerative Farm Trip
Visit the pepper and cardamon farm at Sutee Organic Farm. Engage in discussions, deep conversations, and rejuvenate the economic, social, environmental, and historical values. 

Join Marc Buckly and Jenny Andersson on this journey to learn and explore the ins and outs of the Regenerative approach.

Strengthen your brand
Regain your self-worth for true sustainability.

Strengthen your brand Regain your self-worth for true sustainability.

What do people want?

What does the world need?

What is the brand associated with?

SB Thailand would like to invite everyone to answer some questions and envision the bigger picture of our planet before diving into the principles of Regenerative Brands. 

SB Thailand would like your brand to listen, touch, and be a part of the change. Try being a part of people and natural resources, build relationships, and spark ideas for employees, communities, customers, partners, or shareholders to think about the environment. let’s try to find answers and set collaborative methods through the following key points

Regenerative Food

Regenerative Future

As sustainability increasingly becomes an integral part of our lives, the concept of “Regenerate Food” stands out as a key idea, redefining the value of things that were once overlooked. This will be a main theme for SB Thailand  event in 2023.

Any small successes achieved by participating brands that are then applied beneficially signify a step forward for our future world.

We always have believed that the anticipated sustainability everyone looks forward to must originate from brands genuinely considering the greater community and the environment in which we share resources. 

A brand’s commitment should go beyond mere communication. It is more than an image that makes the brand’s customers recall, but an emotion felt every moment a consumer picks up your product. They should take pride in co-creating value alongside your brand.



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